Track Chairs for Disabled Veterans

chairA private organization called the “Independence Fund” was started in 2007 for the main purpose of supporting veterans. The Independence Fund is an entirely 100%, all-volunteer non-profit whose Board of Directors is comprised entirely of combat veterans. The organization’s administrative costs are less than 1% each year, which means that more than 99% of every dollar that Independence Fund receives goes directly to a Veteran.  Their mission is to provide the tools, therapies and guidance to those veterans severely injured in the Line of Duty who are otherwise not receiving it from other entities.

Acquiring funds to purchase Track Chairs/Tank Chairs for disabled veterans is one of the main goals of Independence Fund.  The Track Chair and Tank Chair are all-terrain wheel chairs that can go literally anywhere.  On sand, through forests, through shallow waters.  The chairs are customized to meet the needs of the disabled individual.  The chairs are a high-tech marvel containing small switches and special controls giving physically challenged folks almost full mobility and thus, back their independence.

   “The Independence Fund believes that for the complete physical and emotional healing of our severely injured veterans to occur it will take the unified effort of governmental, private and corporate entities all working together towards a common purpose that is bigger than ourselves.”

~Vision Statement from

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Our goal is to collect enough money to purchase a track chair for a disabled veteran.  The cost of the chair is $15,000. Military Personnel Services Corporation will be collecting donations to go towards the purchase of a Track Chair to change the life of a disabled veteran.   MPSC will match any individual donation made to support this effort.