Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA)

Background: Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs) provides direct support to the state and command levels and were originally placed at brigade levels in 2003 after the military leadership realized the stress of multiple deployments was taking a toll on Family, Soldier, and Employers – not to mention the (FRG) volunteers. The FRSA Program was expanded in 2007 to reach more Army Commands in all three components, Active, Army Reserve, and National Guard. The Army National Guard (ARNG) FRSA program started as a 6-month pilot program with 124 contract-paid FRSAs. Currently there are 312 FRSAs in all 54 States, US Territories, and the District of Columbia–290 on the National BPA and 22 on Cooperative agreements with their state. The FRSA program is overseen by the Army National Guard’s G1 Human Resource Family Division.

Program Objectives: 

  • Make certain that Guard family and soldier wellbeing is maintained by acting as a liaison to the command, ensuring that accurate command information is being received by all Families and that any issues that may occur are handled at the lowest level.
  • To serve as the commander’s soldier and family readiness, reunion, reintegration, and resilience expert in all aspects relating to Guard Families so they are supported and prepared to thrive through deployments and activations.
  • To recruit, train, retain and recognize volunteers who are a vital part of the Family Readiness Network that serves and supports those who serve.
For additional information please contact Julie Lofreddo

Contractor’s Role:  MPSC Contractors provide a vital continuity for Guard Families by maintaining critical communication with them, the state and national network and their Commanders. The primary function of the 312 State, Major Command and Battalion FRSA positions is to empower commanders in their duty to deliver the Total Army Family Program so that Soldiers and Families are entitled, informed, educated, assisted, and made ready for the unique demands of military life before, during, and after deployment. Overall national readiness is continually measured and improved under the dedicated watch of FRSAs who ensure that a balance is struck as portrayed in the motto; “Mission First, Families Always.” ARNG Soldiers are afforded every possible opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their Family members so they can focus on mission readiness and accomplishment. FRSAs keep ARNG Families informed and assist them so they are in the best possible position to support their Soldiers and the ARNG’s role in peacetime and wartime missions.

Contract Oversight: The Program Manager for the FRSA program is Julie Lofreddo. Julie leads a driven and dedicated management team consisting of two assistant program managers and four regional managers.